Edge 35.5 (2010)

by Matej Kejzar

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© Christian Rogl

Edge 35.5 is slippery and quick, reversible and playable, with origins in history and potentials of endless curiosity. In that time there is space for numerous qualities of different movement languages and choreographic procedures. Between being a clown and a show man, possessing ability and inability, passing through sensibility and being unpredictable, there is a space for intervention, distinction and transition. As long as we create our movement is being interpreted. Its line could be detected by an active observation, constantly in dialogue with a net of moving actions and reactions.

Full captation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tsXAuyzTo8

Choreography by: Matej Kejzar
With: Andrea Bartok, Marcio Canabarro, Plotinos Eliades, Shai Faran, Pekka Kortelainen, Yuriko Suzuki, Zoltan Vakulya, Stephanie Van Aken
Production: SEAD